Skidmore Family Letter 2018

Published: December 2018

The Family

Well, let’s see. In 2018 we sold a house, bought a house, and had a baby. We also had two weddings, Corryn’s sister Talisa in Provo and Rob’s sister Jodie in Nashville.

We were sad to leave our first home. But with almost 4 kids and three bedrooms, it was getting too small for us. We moved out in June and stayed with Corryn’s parents. While there, our little Everly was born. In July our new house in Vineyard, UT was ready. We really like it. There are a lot of kids so Halloween was crazy fun. The schools are really close. Rob’s work is really close. Corryn’s family is really close. It’s growing like crazy. Kind of like our family. :-)


Rob’s still loving working at where he is a Software Developer. Not much else has changed. He’s getting older and slower. He still loves writing and reading. He read over 156 books this year. You can see the whole list here.


Corryn still loves Disney, dancing, and being a mom. She had Everly at the end of June and went back to dancing at the end of August. In September we went to Disneyland so she is happy. She loves decorating the house for holidays and trying to keep up with the kids.


Henry started 1st grade. He’s a gregarious little guy. His favorite thing to say is “Hi, I’m Henry. You’re my friend”. He thinks he’s faster than his dad (I let him beat me once). He likes pretending to be a ninja, playing Pokemon Go, and driving us all crazy.


Owen started kindergarten. It’s great that it’s so close. His first day we got there early so that he and Henry could play on the playground with the other kids. They played on the merry go round. A few hours later we got a call from the school. I guess he spun around a little too much and threw up on his first day. Luckily he’s a resilient little guy.

He loves doing anything art related. You can find him drawing pictures of Charmander (his favorite pokemon) or cutting snowflakes.

Myles (Hoot)

Myles has had an adventurous year. He’s grown up a lot and we are grateful. So far this year he has flushed a number of things down the toilet. Including a tongue depressor. That was a fun one because the toilet would work sometimes when the tongue depressor was a certain way and stop working when it shifted. He somehow broke a ceramic light switch cover with a baseball about 5 seconds after I brought it in the house. He stuck a baseball in the exhaust pipe of my dad’s truck on the day we were supposed to move out of our house. I had to spend about 40 min fishing it out with a metal skewer and some tweezers. While we were staying with Corryn’s parents he threw a toy car at their TV. The good part is that we all got new TVs. The bad part is that our new TV has two giant perpendicular lines running through it.

Luckily he’s pretty dang cute. ;-)

He also gave himself a fitting nickname when he wrote “HOOT” on a piece of paper and told me it was his name.


Everly was born on June 26th and, I might be biased, but she is stinkin cute. When we took her to Disneyland in September, more than once she was mistaken for a toy doll. Corryn loves dressing her in pink and putting bows on her head. Everly loves kicking and flapping her arms until she pulls the bows down over her eyes. We’re excited to have another girl in boy land.

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