Robert A. Skidmore

Software Engineer & Science Fiction Author

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Hi. I'm Rob. I write software and science fiction stories.

Works in Progress

These are the stories I am working on right now.

Juliet at the End

The first child is born in a colony on a distant solar system. The same day they learn that an asteroid is on a colision course for their planet.

Status: In Progress

Current Goal: Have a polished first chapter ready for the Storymakers Conference first chapter contest on Feb 9, 2024.

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Latest Articles

Essays, articles, news, reviews, manifestos, etc.

Science Ficton Worlds

All of my stories take place in these fictional universes.

What I'm Reading

I read a lot. I've averaged over 100 books each of the last 6 years. I read mainly Science Fiction with a bit of Fantasy. I also read a lot of self-development, business, and writing. This is what I'm reading right now. If you want to follow along, join me on Goodreads.