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Rob Skidmore writes science fiction stories about being human. Raised in rural Western New York, he now lives with his beautiful wife in Utah. They have four kids whose initials spell HOME. By day he's a software engineer. By night he's exhausted. Every door in their basement is painted with a Disney-themed mural. His claim to fame is that he was an All-American and the 2004 New York state champion in the 400m hurdles in high school.

The Personal Details

Want to learn more about my family or my day job. Details are here.

My Purpose

This is why I do what I do.

My Values

These are the rules I use to guide my decisions.

My Favorite Stuff

I get asked often about what books/stories/movies/shows I like. So I put the list here. I love to talk about stories. Hit me up on twitter at @RobertASkidmore

Tools that I use

This is the software and other things I use to manage my life and my writing.

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Feel free to reach out to me on any of these social channels or if it's really urgent you can send an email to rob [at] robertaskidmore [dot] com.