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Tools I use for writing and life

Tools for writing


I do most of my outlining, organizing, and prewriting in Notion. But I track all of the writing in Scrivener.


I write a lot of first drafts in neovim. Nothing compares to the felxibility and ease of motion that it gives to me. Plus I use it every day writing softwar so it's is hardwired in to my muscle memory.


I'm not a grammarian. So I could use all the help I can get. The chrome extension is a absolute must have.


I haven't found a better tool for generating images for worldbuilding or for blog posts.

Tools for life


Notion is my personal system of record. I use it like a second brain. It holds all of my notes and tasks. I've built out an extensive personal knowledge base in it. I use it to manage resources for things I'm trying to learn and so much more.


TickTick is how I get things done. It tracks habits and tasks. It can do calendar blocking. I would be lost without it.

Day One

DayOne is where I keep my journal. I love how minimal it is. It's a pleasure to open up ever day.

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