Teegarden's Star

Teegarden's Star | Rob Skidmore

Fourteen light years away is a habitable exoplanet orbiting a stable red dwarf star. A small fleet of colonist ships with humans in cryostasis are on their way. The vanguard has arrived on the planet in a ship called the Icarus. But this unexplored star system has secrets. Welcome to the solar system of Teegarden's Star.


Juliet at the End

The first child is born in a colony on a distant solar system. The same day they learn that an asteroid is on a colision course for their planet.

Status: In Progress

Current Goal: Have a polished first chapter ready for the Storymakers Conference first chapter contest on Feb 9, 2024.


Untitled: Book 2 of Juliet at the End

Untitled: Book 3 of Juliet at the End