New New York

Published: February 2022

There is no grass on Mars. He knew frozen bovine embryos were likely a pipe dream. Also, he didn't know the first thing about raising water buffalo. But mozzarella is mozzarella. He would figure it out somehow like he had everything else in his life. He didn't know when to quit.

He came alone in a homestead fleet. During the months-long journey, he listened to recordings on repeat until he could "fuhgeddaboutit&auot; like a Manhattan native.

When the fleet arrived at the Red Planet, all the self-contained homestead habitations scattered across the surface like dandelion seeds in a breeze. He settled in Arcadia Planitia on an ancient volcanic hill a few kilometers past the outskirts of a cycler shuttle port.

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Rob Skidmore writes science fiction stories about being human.

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