Busy Busy Busy 💫

Sent: 2 years ago

Greetings Humans! Life's been crazy on this end. I've been insanely busy between weddings, vacations, kid's sports, and many other things.

What I’m Writing

So, not much writing has happened. But I am still making slow progress on my Temple in the Sky story. So, stay tuned for that coming in the future.

What I’m Learning

I’ve been reading The Big Leap. It’s non-fiction, mostly about how we unconsciously self-sabotage ourselves. It’s some fascinating stuff. I’ll be putting some of the exercises into practice. So if you feel like you’re constantly being held back from reaching your true potential, I’d say check it out.

What I’m Reading

I finished all of the Revelation Space books. It’s a deep and fantastic universe. The world-building is intricate and interesting. I just started How High We Go In The Dark, by Sequoia Nagamatsu. It’s a collection of interconnected stories centered around a virus that targets only young people. It’s pretty gut-wrenching at moments. One of the early stories is set in a theme park where parents can take their terminally ill children so that they can die on their own terms rather than wasting away. That means leaving this life on a specially built roller coaster.

I’d recommend it if you’re into getting your heart ripped out metaphorically.