It's Been a Week 📅

Sent: 2 years ago

Greetings human 🤖. It has been a long week here in Robot Skidmore land. The company I work for was acquired today. 🎉 If you wonder if that is a good or bad thing, the answer is yes. On the one hand, it's nice to know that all of the work you've put in for years has paid off. But, on the other hand, now things are drastically changing, and you have to sit through a few hours of HR and IT meetings.

What I’m Writing

With everything going on, not as much writing has happened as I’d have liked. The good news is that what I did get done was solid. The characters for this story are taking shape, and the outline is filling out. This week is all about putting words on the page. I think this one will be longer than the last one, but it should also be less dense. I’m hoping that will make the writing faster.

What I’m Learning

Mostly just trying to recover from long days at the office. I did watch a few more of the Isaac Arthur series that I linked in the last newsletter. It’s been great, and I highly recommend it. The one on Space Elevators was really interesting, especially since these structures show up in many Science Fiction stories. Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy and Asimov’s Foundation series are two examples that come to mind. It was interesting to see what these authors got right with the science and what they got wrong.

What I’m Reading

Not much time for reading this week. I’m still working my way through Absolution Gap, the third book in the Revelation Space series. It’s great so far.