Virus, Not the Computer Kind 🦠

Sent: 2 years ago

Greetings Human. The flu went through our family this week. It started for me with a scratchy throat on Tuesday, and by Saturday, I’d gone through 1.5 boxes of tissues and had a temp of 100+ F.

What I’m Writing

No writing done this week since I spent most of it lying in bed nursing a violently running nose. I did do some writing in my head and thinking about the story, but no words. I’m starting to feel better, though, so this week should be a return to form.

What I’m Learning

There were a few good things I came across this week.

Joe Scott’s YouTube Channel is a great source for a lot of science-related topics. For example, this video on nanotechnology had a lot of good insights into why we don’t have self-replicating medical robots coursing through our blood and granting us immortality. This one is entitled “The Metaverse: Future or Farce?” and talks about what Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is betting on in the future. He also does a good job of covering more timely scientific questions like whether the recent eruption in Tonga could lower global temperatures.

What I’m Reading

I finished Absolution Gap and now I’m on to Chasm City by the same author. Also, if you haven’t heard of Cinnamon Words, you should check out this article. Basically, these are unusual words that authors frequently use or ordinary words that they use more frequently than normal. I’ve noticed a few over the years. Dan Simmons loves lapis lazuli in the Hyperion Cantos. For Alistair Reynolds, I’ve seen lepidopterist pop up a few times. It’s a fancy word for someone who studies butterflies. I don’t think I’ve got enough words written to have found my cinnamon word. But I’m excited to find out.