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LTUE 2018 Apocalypse and Dystopia

Spencer Ellsworth - dystopian space opera

Dystopia Structure to Chaos Apocalypse

Good Dystopia reflect a modern cultural and political climate. Depending on where you live you might be living in a dystopia or utopia. Can even vary by a few blocks.

Root in basic human fear. Handmaid's tale. Relate to a fear and then take it way too far.

Nationalism Dystopia. Religious Dystopia. Corporate Dystopia. - Moon Trilogy (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) AI Dystopia. - Idea from O. Scott Card workshop.

Have fun with the first draft. Meet people and connect.

Elsie Chapman - Dualed. Mark Lawrence - Prince of Thorns The Pristine The Parable of the Sewer - Octavia Butler Perdido Street Station - China Mieville

Rob Skidmore writes science fiction and non-fiction about being human.

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