LTUE 2018 Distinct Dialogue

Published: February 2018

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Is Distinct Good?

Sillohette test - Should be immediately recognizable without dialogue tags.

Don’t write dialogue where everyone agrees. You need to have characters who oppose and disagree to have interesting dialogue.

Dialogue is conflict have it out loud.

Jennifer Egan - A Visit from the Goon Squad

Dialect in Dialogue

The Help
Master and Commander - Patrick O’Brien
Dresden Novels
Speaker for the Dead

TV - Tropes
“I grew up on a freighter”

Who they are, What they want, Why they want it, How they are going to get it. Make sure they are distinct people so that they have distinct voices.

Don’t have to have this figured out when you start writing. Then go back and start editing. Some people plot first and for others it’s a barrier to gettting writing done.

Get them to interact in different situations with different roles. Changes by context and role but they still remain a dsitinct character.

Create an MBTI or type indicator for each charcter. Do traits for each character as well. Now Discover your Strengths. 36 Tallent traits. Know how they will interact. Know their strengths.

Vocabulary Choices.

Make the dialogue fit the character. Don’t make it fit you.
TV - Tropes Flandersization

Reddit machine learning books mashed together.

James Lee Burke