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LTUE 2018 Live Editing

Make the editor's job easier. Take care of the big giant picture things.

If you're hiring a freelance editor make sure you know what you are hiring for.

Things to get ready for editor Ask what format they want things in. MS Word in revision tracking.

Apply styles for chapter headings. Times New Roman - 12pt, etc. TODO Figure this out?

Tricks - Change font and size to tell your brain to slow down. Make sure you are not reading. Pull yourself out and look at the words.

10 pages in an hour is a good pace.

Read the sentence multiple times out loud.

98% of errors are hyphenation.

Independent Clauses and Compound Predicates - Understand these comma rules.


Comma rules and fragment sentences are okay for style.

Errors tend to cluster.

If you disagree write a comment instead of rejecting the error.

You can use italics for emphasis.

Rejections are based on story, characters, dialogue.

If you hit a word italicize it.

Rob Skidmore writes science fiction and non-fiction about being human.

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