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LTUE 2018 Political Systems

Gov't systems are a way of allocating resources

Foragers, farmers, and fossil fuels. Energy capture determines the range of gov't that exists. Until fossil fuels it's a zero sum game.

No non-athoritarian gov't in history beyond foragers.

Ground Rules

Fed, STate, and municpal gov't are not the same things. They are not coordinated and they will step on each others toes.

Always at least two levels of gov't in any form of society as we know it. Exceptions, free cities that only answered to the emperor.

How do you screw it up? Don't follow the a la carte menu from world building.

The Origins of Political Order / Political Order and Political Decay

Gov't arises from the culture and the people.

Economy, culture, and geography all give rise to the culture. Can't impose democracy on to a culture.

Can have multiple gov'ts in the same world.

Where does the food and the energy come from.

Spice in Frank Herbert's Dune

It's only the crazies that participate in gov't it's only the extremists who get involved. All the moderates just let things be.

Gov't reflects what we will accept not what we want.

Morris Fiorina out of standard.

Faucault - net like structure of power.

Money is a tool by which you mobilize political power. Power is the ability to mobilize resources (people).

Legitimacy - tarchescu romania, robespierre.

No uprising has ever been lead by the bottom. Always a disenfranchised fragement of the upper or middle class. The students in Les Mes. Bolshevics.

Documentary - how to stage a coup.

What happens when the economy changes? That is what disrupts the government and political system. Alaska - Oil Economy to ???

Revolutions happen when rising expectations are cut short.

Albions Seed Chanpagnes Something

British easy india company Dutch Merchanters

The Medival Origans of Modern State

L. E. Modesitt Jr.

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