LTUE 2018 RPG's For Writers

Published: February 2018

Planet Archipelego

Like the Mages game. Or Magic the Gathering Books.
Lego man RPG.

Creatively strenuous - You have to put yourself into multiple characters. It’s a blend of improvisational acting and writing.

Role playing is inherinetly social.

Treat your characters a players if you kill them off too early people will lose interest.

At the same time killing a beloved character early will make them believe that you will kill anyone. Game of Thrones - Ned Stark

Interact with other people inside of a story. Online RPGs?

When you play an RPG you get other people doing things you wouldn’t do and saying thigns you wouldn’t say.

Break your patterns of thought.

Hang out with people when you’re up against a dragon.

Writing tools to plan campaigns. Game Master.

Lego RPG. Campaigns != a novel. An Rpg almost has to be cliched.

Dragon Lance books - You can hear the dice rolling in the background.

Great character voices and charcter development.


Where you beats fall. Make the stuff happen at the right kind of pacing. How far along you want to have events of certain sizes. Pacing is hard to learn.

You’re going to write a lot of beginnings. You need to learn to do some middles.

Build confidence that you can entertain people.

A lot of character creation overlap.

NPC as minor characters. Writing minor characters that have the right amount of importance and involvement.

What to do when your story gets off track. Paranoia Jamming. Reward what you like and punish what you don’t.

Figure out what motivates/deters them and then get them to do the things you want them to do.

Give them little warnings. Intelligence role? Moral or emotional quotient.

If something terrible happens they need to feel like they deserved it. It’s the same with characters.

The workings of Fate are satisfying. Concerted effort to make it a good story.

They have a goal. Reward is that they move closer. Punishment is that they move further.

Make characters matter to each other.

Write down all the character traits you can think of. Mix them up and pick three random ones.

Resist cliches. Make them a little more intersting.

Never go with the default because our society is racist, sexist, homophobic, and agist.

Have old people and young people.