LTUE 2018 Voiceovers And Audiobooks

Published: February 2018

1) Goal - Podcasting stories
2) Biggest Obstacle - Finding time, liking the sound of my voice

Audiobook Market

  • Rapidly growing 2.5 Billion 36% growth.

Only the talented worry about mediocrity

Learn to relax your body to empower your voice.

Own the script. Underline what you want to emphasis. Remember to breath.

Editing for the ear. Sense of Gravitation. Pick the impact word or idea.


Get a better microphone - Condenser mic not recommended for new people.
Get a dynamic broadcast mic.
Closed ear headphones with flat response.

2 Channel preamp. Get close to the mic this will boost the base and make it sound more pleasing.

External Preamp - Boosts Sound before it goes into the mixer.

MD421 - Sennheiser

Headphones Sony MD 700.
USB Mixer. Pro FX 4.

Presonos Studio 1

Overall goal is to keep the listener in the experience.
Make voice clear and above the noise floor.
Think about the format.

Art 2 Channel Preamp.


For length
For noise
For effects - Equalization and Compression

Count 1 sec for comma, 2 sec for period, 3 sec for paragrah.
If you mess up. Say 3,2,1 or finger snap or clap and it will give you a spike so you can find it and edit.

Neil Gaiman commencement address.
1) Do good work
2) Be easy go get along with
3) Deliver on time

You only have to do two out of three.